Posted by: meganhearts | March 27, 2009

The True Vision/Mission of the Megan Hearts series!

Written by Kimberly Gros

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

The mission/vision behind the “Megan Hearts” series is to see young girls empowered/encouraged to explore new passions and find joy in the process of learning!

Megan Fate is the young lady whom which the main character of the book is modeled after. The real Megan is creative, spunky, inquisitive, and adventurous! She has a way of “magnifying the mundane,” finding joy in the most basic of activities. Megan lives each day as if it were her last.

Our hope and vision is that through the eyes of Megan (the character), young girls learn about responsibility and Respect! That their worlds becomes bigger through the awareness of different cultures, traditions, hobbies, occupations, etc. That they develop the confidence to try new things (baking, guitar, basketball, etc) and by doing so encourage those around them to do the same (with a real desire to see others flourish). 

Various themes throughout the Megan Hearts Series:
*Allow Others to Flourish
*Don’t be boxed in, dream big!
*Take Responsibility!
*Respect others around You!
*Never Give Up!
*Practice! Practice! Practice!
*Enjoy the process of Learning!
*Find Joy in the little things!
*”Magnify the Mundane!”
*It’s not all about me!

In our first book, “Megan Hearts Baking,” Megan has been invited to a birthday party and she wants to bring her favorite treat– cupcakes! But Megan is nervous about making them, for her last baking adventure sadly ended in a baking fiasco. What will she do? Join Megan and her mom on this sweet endeavor as, together, they learn how to bake the most delicious cupcake with just a few simple steps: finding a recipe, creating a shopping list, understanding measurements and measuring utensils, rules of kitchen safety, the finishing touches, and, at last, sharing the tasty treats with friends and family! Become engaged, as Megan gains confidence from working through mistakes, experiences joy while discovering her special strengths and abilities, and develops a love for learning- the sweetest treat of all! **The last eight pages of the book consist of biographies of real life people from around the world that have brought their passions for baking to life and started their own business. The following cupcake shops are featured in the book: Cake and Art (West Hollywood), Sprinkles (Texas and Newport Beach), SugarBliss (Chicago, IL), Magnolia Bakery (New York), and Cupcake Project (#1 online baking blog).

Upcoming books include:
Megan Hearts Guitar
Megan Hearts Basketball
Megan Hearts Uganda
Megan Hearts the Aquarium

We believe that through “Megan Hearts,” we have the opportunity to create a new lifestyle of living. A community made up of young girls that find “joy in the mundane,” see the world as bigger than themselves, and are “others-focused.” And yes, these girls are spunky, creative, and have way too much fun!! 


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