Posted by: meganhearts | April 6, 2009

Megan Hearts Mentioned in Southwestern Living (from Southwestern Law School)

Southwestern Law School

Did You Know…
Kathryn Fore, Student Services Assistant for Dean of Students, is a published author! Last year, “Megan Hearts Baking” came to fruition as a collaboration between Kathryn and her friend. Kathryn says their inspiration to write this book comes from a mutual passion for watching young girls grow up strong. In the book, Megan fails at her first attempt to bake cupcakes but with a little encouragement from her mom learns the right way to bake cupcakes step by step. e book also includes a real recipe for red velvet cupcakes and some biographies of women who turned their love of baking into their livelihoods. When asked what she thinks about this accomplishment, Kathryn stated, “I’m continually bemused by the realization that I’m a kids book author; my goal has always been to get a PhD in English because I want to teach college students, so it was never something I set out to do. But now that it’s done, I feel really proud of myself and the women I worked with”.


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