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Megan Fate is Featured in the Hume Newsletter 2009

Megan Fate

Alumni Profile: Megan Fate
By Suzanne West, Alumni Relations


The Alumni Profile in the Hume News has, until this point, been devoted to telling the stories of previous staff members who have been impacted by the ministry and gone on to serve in other areas. This time, we are switching things up and bringing you the profile of one of our current summer staff who was impacted by the Hume ministry before she ever came on staff . . . and who is so intriguing that we just couldn’t pass her up!

For any high school student who has attended summer camp at Hume in the last three years, Megan Fate is practically a household name. Known as the Spirit Girl, Megan gets campers excited not only about recreation, but about the Gospel and living for Christ. The position of Spirit Girl is designed to be filled by a woman of God who can challenge and impact high school girls. And Megan does just that.

Not only is Megan impacting the lives of those who pass through Hume Lake, but her own life has been transformed through the ministry as well. She won’t hesitate to say that every major decision she made as a teenager involved Hume Lake. Megan began coming to Hume in 7th grade as a scared, shy, and quiet girl (and anyone who knows her now would find that hard to believe!). It was that summer when Megan rededicated her life to Christ and began to make her faith her own. She also began to see that it was okay to show her true inner self, as well as to be sporty, outgoing and loud. Then, during her first year in high school camp, Megan dedicated to God the use of her strengths and skills for the service of others. “I recognized the importance of my life not being about me. No longer did I need to use my strengths for my own glory, but rather to love the Lord through how I love, empower, and inspire others to flourish.”

After graduating from Westmont College in 2006, Megan planned to go to Amsterdam to play professional basketball. That summer she came to Hume as a counselor with her church, and had several conversations with Rich Baker about the possibility of working at Hume in future summers. About a week later, Megan found herself feverishly praying about Amsterdam. She began to see that life in Amsterdam would be going back to her old ways; of living for herself. To everyone’s surprise, Megan decided not to go, and the very next day she received a phone call from Rich asking if she wanted to come spend the rest of the summer at Hume Lake as a lead counselor. Megan immediately responded, “see you tomorrow!”

Megan served as a lead counselor in Ponderosa in 2006 and as Spirit Girl in 2007 and 2008. Summer 2008 brought Megan a new opportunity to lead a seminar each week, which she called “Living with Purpose.” As a result of her seminar at Hume, doors have been opened for other speaking engagements, and Megan is now speaking weekly!

She has also begun writing a series of books called Megan Hearts. The first book, Megan Hearts Baking, seeks to inspire young girls’ confidence and pushes them to attempt their passions and goals. According to Megan, society teaches us that we either win or lose, and she wants to show girls that life is an adventure where we win or we learn along the way. Check out her website at for more information.

When Megan is not at Hume in the summers, you can find her coaching the women’s basketball team at Azusa Pacific University and working towards her Masters degree in Organizational Leadership. She graduates this May!

As summer 2009 is quickly approaching, we are thrilled that Megan will be returning once again as Spirit Girl. We look forward to seeing the impact, both at Hume and away, that this passionate, and VERY spirited, staff member will be a part of!

Megan Fate
Spirit Girl 2008

Megan and the students!

Megan and the students!


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