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“Megan Hearts Baking” is a Gift from the Heart!

Megan Hearts Baking (Kegan Fate Publishing, 2008) is the story of a young girl with a birthday party invitation and a dream. Megan wants to make the best-tasting cupcakes she can to bring to her friend’s soiree but, after a botched effort at baking a year ago, she’s unsure of herself. Megan resolves to do her best once again, with the help, planning, and confectionery guidance of her mother. The story is literally about baking a batch of cupcakes, but it also teaches granddaughters about patience, attention to detail, and perseverance it takes to see any worthwhile project to its successful end; a heartfelt lesson from a girl named “Hearts.”

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Georgia LOVES Megan Hearts!


We here at Megan Hearts just received this picture of Georgia (3 years old)! She is one of our youngest fans!!Thank you Randy and Georgia for your support!

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Sisters enjoy reading together!


Our friend, Kathy (from “All Things Cupcake” blog) sent us this photo of her daughters Kinley and Addi reading “Megan Hearts Baking.”

Kinley and Addi

Kinley and Addi

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Stuart Reb Donald’s Book Review

Thank you!

5.0 out of 5 stars Review: Megan Hearts Baking, February 13, 2009

It seemed like a nice idea for a story. As soon as I received my copy of Megan Hearts Baking by Katherine Fore and Kimberly Fate I would run across town and read it to my six-year-old niece. You see the Meagan Hearts series of books is dedicated to getting young girls to try new things and develop hobbies. That would make for a lovely read – a forty-something chef shares his love for the culinary arts with his precious niece, aided by a brilliant children’s book.

The problem? Apparently my niece already has plenty of hobbies. Who knew a six-year-old could be so busy? Seriously, it is easier to get an interview with a celebrity chef, “Maybe she can give you 15 minutes after soccer on Saturday?” I live in Alabama; I had to Google the word “soccer.”

In the meantime, I did get a chance to read Megan Hearts Baking and it is a genuine delight. The plot is simple; little Megan gets an invitation to her friend Ashleigh’s birthday party and is asked to bring her favorite homemade dessert to share. Unfortunately for Megan she had tried her hand at baking before with less than edible results. Determined to make her friend happy Megan again tackles baking with the help of her mother.

Megan’s mother makes sure her daughter is prepared this time around. She teaches her about measurement equivalents and shows her how to plan a shopping list. She instructs her how to make a schedule to insure that everything is done at the right time and, most importantly, how to prepare a recipe. And what recipe do they prepare? Aunt Laurie’s Red Velvet Cake, of course.

Fore and Fate’s prose is age-perfect and greatly enhanced by the illustrations of Ying Xie. In addition to the charming narrative, there are also examples of women who have turned a love a baking into successful businesses as well as a handful of other scrumptious recipes. Meagan Hearts Baking is a wonderful way to introduce a young one to the joys of the kitchen, if they can pencil you in, that is.

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Book Review by Gina Martin Eggebrecht

I am the lucky mom of three little girls who love to be in the kitchen so Megan Hearts Baking was a perfect book for us to read together. One of my girls is a little young (just turned 3) but she loved sitting with her sisters for a bit each day as we read through the book over the course of a week. Kathryn Fore and Kimberly Fate have written a sweet story of a young girl, Megan, who has been invited to a birthday party. Megan must bring her favorite homemade dessert and she decides she wants to take cupcakes; but, that means she is going to have to bake them. After a “baking disaster” from the previous year, the thought of baking cupcakes intimidates her. She’s willing to do it for her friend, though.

Megan and her mom set aside the day of the party to bake cupcakes and make frosting from scratch. They choose a recipe (which they share in the book), shop for ingredients and then make everything. The story does a great job of talking to kids on their level about how Megan and her mom make the cupcakes. The authors were very thorough – covering everything from kitchen safety to preparation to clean-up. After the story, they have included the biographies of some well-known cupcakery owners and bloggers – along with a couple of recipes. The illustrations by Ying Xie are soft and sweet – perfect for the intended audience as well as the subject of the book.

The story in Megan Hearts Baking made my two older girls (ages 6 and almost 5) excited to bake cupcakes! We recently celebrated my youngest child’s first birthday and we made cupcakes in addition to his birthday cake. As we worked together in the kitchen, my oldest said, “We’re like Megan and her mom!” We were making vanilla cupcakes, which they knew were not from the book – so I now have to choose a “baking day” to make Aunt Laurie’s Red Velvet Cupcakes. Ah! The story definitely stuck with my girls girls even though we finished the book right before Christmas and it’s now mid-February. We’re looking forward to our Megan Hearts Baking baking day!!

**We baked Magnolia Bakery’s Vanilla Cupcakes for Harrison’s party. Elizabeth and Katherine remembered that was one of the bakeries in the back of the book, too. 🙂 And mmmmm….we cannot WAIT until May when we head to the pick-your-own strawberry patch. We’ll be all about the strawberry cupcakes and frosting from Sprinkles!!!

Thanks for the opportunity to read this book and share the story with my girls!

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The REAL Megan

The REAL Megan

Megan has always displayed traits of a free spirit through her boundless energy and love for life. Megan is currently living her dream of pointing young people toward a hope bigger than themselves. She has spoken to thousands, encouraging each one to become fully enthralled with their unique purpose in life. Currently, she is working on a masters degree in Organizational Leadership and coaches the Women’s Basketball team at Azusa Pacific Univeristy. She also spends her summers empowering students as ‘Spirit Girl,’ at Hume Lake Christian Camps.

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Thanks Bakerella for doing a Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

Here is the information regarding the Valentine’s Day Giveaway on the Bakerella Blogspot:)

Now, since Valentine’s Day is almost here, here’s another quick giveaway.

I have this cute little book called Megan Hearts Baking that was given to me by the authors. It is the journey of a young girl learning to make cupcakes for a friend’s birthday party and also includes a few recipes. It would make a sweet little Valentine’s Day present for any young girl interested in baking. The winner will be chosen Monday evening, hopefully giving me just enough time to get this in the mail for Valentine’s Day. I’ll try.

Megan Hearts Baking

To enter:

  • Just leave a comment below with what you’d like to have for Valentine’s Day.
  • Make sure to leave an email or blog link with your comment so I can contact you if you win.
  • Deadline to enter is Monday, February 9th at 5:00 pm.
  • I’ll announce the winner sometime Monday evening on this blog post.

    * The winner will be chosen at random using the integer generator.

And don’t forget to enter the other giveaway announced today. Hurry… there’s not much time on this one either.

Time’s up.

Thanks for sharing all your Valentine wishes. They were all very sweet. They made me smile and some even made me a little teary-eyed. I really hope each and every one of you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Now for the winner of the Megan Hearts Baking book. It’s comment #72!
Congratulations Julie … I hope you have someone sweet to give it to.

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GS River Bluff Council- Thank you!


Thank you GS River Bluff Council for ordering books! I appreciate your support and encouragement!

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Thank you “Cupcakes Take the Cake”


Megan Hearts Baking is a first in a new series of books aimed at girls 5 to 11.

In the book, Megan has been invited to a birthday party and she wants to bring her favorite treat– cupcakes! But Megan is nervous about making them, for her last baking adventure sadly ended in a baking fiasco. What will she do? Join Megan and her mom on this sweet endeavor as, together, they learn how to bake the most delicious cupcake with just a few simple steps: finding a recipe, creating a shopping list, understanding measurements and measuring utensils, rules of kitchen safety, the finishing touches, and, at last, sharing the tasty treats with friends and family! Become engaged, as Megan gains confidence from working through mistakes, experiences joy while discovering her special strengths and abilities, and develops a love for learning- the sweetest treat of all! At the end of the book are biographies of real life people that have used their passion for baking to open cupcake shops around the United States. The following cupcake shops are featured in the book: Cake and Art (West Hollywood), Sprinkles (Texas and Newport Beach), Magnolia Bakery (New York), Cupcake Project (online blog) and Frosted Cupcakery in Long Beach.

There’s also an interview with Kimi Fate Gross at All Things Cupcake.

The party is at Long Beach, California bakery Frosted Cupcakery (which now has a blog and will feature:

*Special Mini Megan Hearts Cupcakes
*”It’s A Grind” hot beverages
*a live band playing throughout the night
*the “real” Megan sharing the vision behind the book series
*raffle and door prizes
*book signing

Book party for Megan Hearts Baking

Book party for Megan Hearts Baking

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Megan Hearts thanks Gigi Cakes

Friday, December 12, 2008

Megan Hearts Baking

Not too long ago, the authors (Kathryn Fore & Kimberly Fate) of the “Megan Hearts” books sent me a copy of their new book Megan Hearts Baking. It is a lovely book that inspires young girls to learn confidence and new hobbies. Megan’s newest adventure in the book is baking.

“Megan Hearts” is the main character in the book and she is just adorable. She has been invited to a birthday party and has been asked to bring her favorite homemade dessert to share.

In the book Megan learns from her mom important baking skills. For example, starting with a clean kitchen, having all the necessary ingredients, measuring properly (even a little math is included) and patience.

This book would be a fantastic gift for any little girl. In honor of such a wonderful book that promotes hobbies, creativity, and a little math. I have baked the red velvet cupcakes that were featured in the book.

The cupcakes were a smash! If you are interested in the book or the recipe you can leave me a comment. That’s right, the authors have been kind enough to send me a copy to give away.

I will announce the winner of the book next Friday (December 19, 2008) and will promptly send it out to the winner. (Hopefully in time for Christmas.)

If you must have the book now …you can purchase one at Megan’s Hearts Family or from Amazon.

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